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Bruce Springfield’s entire body of work unpacks the experience of small-town living and the feeling that escape is just a car ride away. Any G-funk track is made for driving, but this cut off The Chronic is the ultimate road trip song. They spell it out directly, inviting the listener to head “for the open door, tell me what you’re waiting for”. Photo Credit NPR I’ve been something of a ghost recently. The Songs That Can Trigger A Lot Of People Songs that we hear from the radio or the one we listen to on our playlist are often the ones we like, but some that we haven't encountered in a while will make us realize - "oh, this song is actually offensive, and always has been." Decorate your laptops, water bottles, helmets, and cars. I'm freakin' out on the interstate Rolling down the windows, baby, I can't hear a thing you say I'm walking back to my favorite place And I can feel them staring at me Kanye West's 2007 single finds the rapper relishing in material things. I also left a lame remark about how I had loved Le Freak back in the day, but had no idea at the time what the reference to 54 meant, coming from rural Aberdeenshire as opposed to The Big Apple. March 03, 2021 at 4:25 pm CST By Bob D'Angelo, Cox Media Group National Content Desk. Country music speaks of life, loving and the everyday dreams of housewives and those that prefer America’s backroads to the interstate. Freaking Out Lyrics: In the bathroom, on my back / There's a picture on the wall of Kanye West / He's staring at me, he's staring at me / I'm freaking out, I'm freaking out / I'm on the lawn, It's freak (sb) out definition: 1. to become or cause someone to become extremely emotional: 2. to become or cause someone to…. My favourite tracks are 'Like A Stone', 'I Am The Highway', and 'The Last Remaining Light'. Interstate Lyrics: Well, the fact of the matter / There ain't no facts involved / You take it further / It doesn't matter / Well, out here on the border / Ants drag bones 'cross the hot, dry ground Bonus points for keeping one hand on the steering wheel while miming Vanessa Carlton's piano playing with the other. Got my heart burning. save. We didn’t hold back and we’re proud of it. Based on the mile markers I knew that I had about 23 miles to get back to my family members home. ... Freakin' Out On the Interstate Briston Maroney • Freakin' Out On The Interstate (Acoustic Version [Live]) 4:11 0:30. As a suggestion for a 54 song, it was a good one, so I too offered it up in the comments boxes. FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — A couple traveling north on a Florida interstate swerved and crashed to avoid a couch that fell off a truck in front of them, but the driver said he was ticketed for “failing to drive in a single lane,” according to a crash report. These are songs for the last half mile of a five-mile run, when you need something to get you home. Some tracks romanticize automobile-centric cities like Los Angeles (LL Cool J's"Going Back to Cali," Anderson.Paak's"Tints"), while others are just tailor made for the open road (Dolly Parton's"9 to 5," Tom Cochrane's"Life is a Highway"). We’ve collated classic driving songs from throughout the eras and assembled the best road trip songs to fire up as you head out on the open road. I'm freakin' out on the interstate. For a touch of nostalgia, play the Smashing Pumpkins's signature"1979," which is an ode to the angst and confusion every teenager experiences. You don’t have to be cruising through the sleepy backroads of West Virginia for John Denver’s 1971 classic to hit home—though we imagine it’d be a nice touch. In search of light at the end of the tunnel? It tells the story of life on the road for an aging musician. I'm walking back to my favorite place. Katy Perry’s ode to the endless possibilities of adolescence will have you sticking your head out the sunroof like a drunk teen on prom night. There's no better song to jump-start your road trip than Steppenwolf's"Born to be Wild." Jeff Stern / Facebook Facebook user Jeff Stern shared several photos on his account in late June showing three armored UN vehicles on the back of a … Rolling down the windows, baby, I can't hear a thing you say. Oh, I'm freaking out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3piktwUcP0, Your email address will not be published. Turn up the volume on this 1987 track and you'll immediately find yourself getting lost in the vocals of Bono on the open road. I personally think the latter is a classic rock track. FREAKIN’ OUT ON THE INTERSTATE. Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me! It was also one of the earliest double albums in rock music, as well as the first two-record … Freakin' Out On The Interstate. When there’s a long stretch of road ahead, sometimes you want psychedelic acid rock where you can put cruise control on and zone out, but when you’re traveling with a crew, singalong pop anthems are the best road trip songs. Best Blue Note Album Covers: 20 Groundbreaking Artworks, The Women of Stax: Five Unheralded Pioneers, Up To 11: The Songs That Inspired Heavy Metal, The Beatles’ ‘Get Back’ Documentary: Everything You Need To Know. I need a clue. Forget road trip songs, this is a road trip album. I met all my wives in traffic jams. [Pre-Chorus] e|-4----2-----5-----| B|-5----3-----5-----| G|-6----3-----6-----| D|-6----3-----7-----| A|-4----2-----7-----| E|-4----2----5-5-5-----| C#m B A And you got a lot on your mind C# B A And your heart, it looks just like mine C#m B A There's no use in wasting your time, e|-----2-----| B|-----0-----| G|-----2----2-----| D|-----1---1--1-----| A|-1/2-----2-----| E|-----0-----| B7 anymore [Chorus] e|-0-----4----3--2-----7-----|-4----0----7----7--6--5---| B|-0-----4----3--2- … The best way to describe this record is that it sounds like 3 women came unleashed and told a bunch of truth. From country, classic rock, rap, pop, '90s favorites and love ballads screaming for carpool karaoke, plus summer tunes begging for you to sing along, here are the best upbeat road trip songs to bop to behind the wheel. If you like freaking out the neighbourhood, you might like this; Banes world - still lovely. From Charlie Watts’ propulsive drumming to Mick Jagger’s cracking vocals and Keith Richards’ fuzz-box riff, ‘Satisfaction’ beckons you to the road and the dancefloor. A peppy guitar line and singer Hayley Williams’ anthemic vocals make the song an instant earworm, and the track shifts into an even higher gear with an unexpected blast of gospel harmony on the back end. Frankly, I don. [Verse 1] E F#m I'm freakin' out on the interstate E|-----| B|-----| G|-----| D|-4-4-4-6-----4-4-4-6-----| A|-----4-4-4-7-----4-4-4h7-| E|-----| Rolling down the windows, baby, I can't hear a thing you say E F#m I'm walking back to my favorite place E|-----| B|-----| G|-----| D|-4-4-4-6-----4-4-4h6-----| A|-----4-4-4-7-----4-4-4h7-4-----6-4----| E|-----7-4h7-----7-4| And I can feel them staring at me Baby, do you think I'm doing something … I got this feeling. This could be included among the best road trip songs for the intro alone, but the whole thing swings with a swagger that won’t (hopefully) have you swerving from side-to-side. Not Ms Lauper. Her vocal callisthenics are just the motivation to drive all night to see your lover. NEW MUSIC AND MERCH This tale of an ill-fated one-night stand was supposedly inspired by his bandmate Lisa Coleman’s pink Edsel, but “little red Edsel” just isn’t as catchy a refrain. CHATTANOOGA. You don’t need hydraulics to roll with the melodic flow of “D-O-double-G”. This 2010 song isn’t so much about securing an ideal seat on the plane as it is about getting some time away and finding comfort in isolation. We can't think of anything better to listen to while passing the time through small towns or less scenic wonders than Missy Elliot's tongue-twisting rap hit. Throw it back to 1988 and groove along to this soulful song that's sure to clear your mind as you get closer to your destination. It’s just a story of searching for something that we all want in life, no matter who we are. He knew cops were stationed, but luck seemed to be on their side as Purpled continued to speed down the interstate. I'm freaking out, I'm freaking out. Like the morning’s first light coming over the desert highway, this U2 anthem begins with the sound of heavenly organs that quickly build to a driving rhythm led by The Edge’s arpeggiated guitar lines. Thank you! Feeling like a hand in rusted chains So do you laugh at those who cry? The Garden. Just like Appetite For Destruction, Nirvana’s Nevermind features an endless array of road trip songs, but there’s one standout track that sounds like burning rubber. This is the classic driving song. Freak out songs have one purpose and one purpose only… to make you freak out.) Listen to some of the best Road Trip songs on Apple Music and Spotify. His nomadic past is stitched together in songs; in one moment, his guitar tone is drenched in the Florida humidity, and on the next, his harmonies echo through the Laurel Canyon. White or transparent. The album was also certified Platinum by the Canadian Recording Industry Association. Watch Freak Out Song Making Video from Disco Raja Telugu Movie, ft. Ravi Teja, Nabha Natesh,Bobby Simha. ... You look like someone who appreciates good music. If cruising down the historic Mother Road is on your bucket list, you can't check it off without listening to Chuck Berry's 1961 track about the famous highway. These 50 tracks will give you a head start on assembling a great road trip playlist, something that will help your next long car journey be smooth sailing, even if you hit a few potholes along the way. Tapping into that feeling of wanderlust, The Rolling Stones’ search for satisfaction landed them their first No.1 hit. Featuring one of the best guitar riffs of all time, ‘Day Tripper’ is not so much about a quick getaway but about trying on the hippie lifestyle for a day or two. Seger’s frantic vocals and epic storytelling, combined with the uptempo music, is the perfect formula to speed towards the horizon. Freaking out, oh. If you like freaking out the neighbourhood, you might like this; Banes world - still lovely. These are songs for the last half mile of a five-mile run, when you need something to get you home. Merch. Your passengers will thank you. Madonna's foray into country and dance music was a breath of fresh air in 2000. Just make sure you don’t take the lyrics (“I crashed my car into the bridge, I watched, I let it burn”) too literally. Any listener can connect with these indie jams. Nick was freaking out, because we’ve been married for 20 years and I swear to God, I’ve never cooked anything more than oatmeal. I can't stand my bedroom, I put blankets on the couch. Celebs getting starstruck by other celebs. [Chorus] I feel fine, the best I've felt in quite a while. SMALL TALK. Here are the most popular versions Guitar tabs, Chords, Bass, Ukulele chords, Guitar Pro. Sunflower T-shirt. But who wouldn't want to sing along when he says,"my music's so loud?". It should come as no surprise that Sheryl Crow's Grammy-nominated song was included in several Subaru commercials in 2006 and 2007. The lyrics follow the love story of a young couple on the highways of New Jersey. With its catchy and upbeat tune, ironically this iconic track in which Dolly croons about the woes of an 8-hour work day, will make your drive seem like nothing. Don McLean's 1971 single is darker in tone and subject matter than a lot of our favorites on this list. "It’s the idea behind the settings. The following tracks will sound good when mixed with Victorious Cast, Victoria Justice - Freak The Freak Out (feat. Regardless of its subject matter, it makes the perfect track to listen to as the highways unfurl through endless stretches of pavement and grassland. Best Tribute Albums: 40 Classic Albums Honoring Great Artists, Billie Holiday: A Complex Woman, A Jazz Legend, How The Chemical Brothers Took On Britpop And The 60s With ‘Dig Your Own Hole’, ‘Street Songs’: How Rick James Took Things To A Whole Other Level, The 15 Most Famous Alter Egos In Music History, Nat Geo’s Earth Day Eve Celebration to Feature Maggie Rogers, Willie Nelson, And More, Netflix Buys Kanye West Documentary 21 Years In The Making, Glass Animals Make Late Night Debut On ‘Jimmy Fallon’, St. Vincent Releases Video For ‘Melting In The Sun’, Paul McCartney’s ‘Slidin” Gets Raucous Remix By Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3piktwUcP0. It was produced by The Super Chris and Michael Corcoran, who also co-wrote the song with C.J. NEW MUSIC AND MERCH ADDED TO THE STORE. Instead, it vividly paints the picture of a one night stand. Thanks to the highway imagery and scuzzy guitar riffs, this hard-charging tune is best listened to with the windows down and your foot on the gas. Musically, the bouncy funk beat from.Paak himself and Om'Mas Keith is perfect for gliding down the PCH. I get a little bit closer to feeling fine. Shop Now. ‘Running On Empty’ isn’t a hard road rocker, but Browne could turn the most mundane experiences (like running out of gas) into a metaphor for missing out on the connections in life. (dm me on insta @kellylistens for business inquiries) But it's also the quintessential feel-good song about appreciating the simple things in life, like all the wondrous scenes of nature you're likely to encounter on the road. Admittedly, the 2012 song from Solange's EP, True, has nothing to do with cars or having fun in a parking lot. Obsessed with travel? Yup, we know everything . I get a little bit closer. This is one of Stone Temple Pilots biggest songs. You may not be walking 500 miles, but The Proclaimers' 1987 pop hit will add some pep to any long road trip. And summer is the optimal time to hit the road and go on an adventure. And yes, the p on the interstate If it takes forever to get us together Honey I'll do whatever it takes. Sabi - You Make Me Feel... (2011) Katy Perry - Birthday (2013) Aerosmith - Jaded (2000) I'm freakin' out on the interstate Rolling down the windows, baby, I can't hear a thing you say I'm walking back to my favorite place And I Hey, if it's good enough for five best friends to sing along to while driving—remember that scene in White Chicks?—then it's certainly good enough to blast in your car. Cool J's funky 1989 song is worth listening to, with this verse on repeat:"Going back to Cali, stylin, profilin, growlin', and smilin', while in the sun.". Or, if you need a little motivation while driving through the South. The 1966 song has nothing to do with a Mustang, but tells the story of a carefree and sexually-liberated woman named Sally. “People were hugging us and freaking out,” Singer told the newspaper. It's an absolute must to keep you distracted, instead of counting the miles you have left to go. Photos of United Nations trucks being transported on American highways are making the rounds online, and many people are freaking out. share. freaking out 1155 GIFs. Neil Young : White Line, DriveBy, Albuquerque, Trans Am, John Hartford Steam Powered Aeroplane; Joe Bonamassa Drive; Govt Mule Travellin Tune; Greatful Dead Truckin;Jerry Reed’s Eastbound and Down …..as Roy Rogers said Happy Trails to you Thanks, “It’s a Car!” by Sean Morin is a little-known but extremely fitting, perfect vibe, catchy little road trip song. The Beatles have an endless catalogue of travel tunes, from ‘Ticket To Ride’ to ‘Drive My Car’, but ‘Day Tripper’ is the real road-tripping song. Country music is littered with dirt-road anthems, but one of the true classics is Willie Nelson’s ode to the nomadic life, ‘On The Road Again’. This underrated Beatles track, written by both John Lennon and Paul McCartney, is just what you and your bestie need while cruising the day away. The warm guitar and Denver’s bright vocal harmonies make you feel like wherever you’re headed is the perfect place to be. We first fell in love with the legendary Cyndi Lauper when she reminded listeners that girls just want to have fun. Freak Out! Submit Tab . Freaking out on the interstate chords pls i beg To anyone that knows the song Freaking Out On the Interstate by Briston Maroney, can we like all band together and look for chords for this pleaseeeee lmao Don't worry when passersby and drivers in the next lane do a double take as you mouth the lyrics to this 1978 karaoke favorite. Canadian treasure Tom Cochrane is a household name up north, but in rest of the world he’s best known for this road-warrior anthem that’s become the perfect pep talk for hitting tarmac. Learn how to play your favorite songs with Ultimate Guitar huge database. FOOL'S GOLD. And now that summer’s here, you can finally roll down your windows, turn the music up, and belt your heart out to your favorite country tunes. Those unfamiliar with the 1984 hit may recognize its famous guitar riff that Destiny's Child sampled for their 2001 song,"Bootylicious.". "I wanted to make the greatest rock record I’d ever heard," Springsteen told Rolling Stone. The stabs of glitzy synths can give you some much needed energy after a few hours behind the wheel, and the chorus—more yelled than sung—is perfect for a packed car singalong. Victoria Justice), because they have similar tempos, adjacent Camelot values, and complementary styles. If you like well written, well played, and well sung, rock music of a (slightly) heavier nature then this could be for you. Sammy Hagar’s breakout solo single has been blasting out of every car stereo since 1984, and has never stopped. Guitar, guitar pro, bass, drum tabs and chords with online tab player. It doesn't get any more classic than country legend Willie Nelson's signature hit. Required fields are marked *. Even if you can't always rely on your GPS or muscle memory to get you safely where you want to go, you can rely on your friends and loved ones, which is exactly what Beyoncé expresses in the 2013 call-and-response anthem. When your eyes start to droop on longer road trips, its iconic and catchy chorus will give you just the burst of energy you need to keep trucking along. I honestly can't recommend this album highly enough. It's a mellow groove that'll get you to bob your head and snap your fingers while passing traffic lights and open fields. Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. Out Nov. 2nd. "Interstate Love Song" is a single by American rock band Stone Temple Pilots. Songs. Buckle up because it's time to ride, sally, ride. Some would say with... every little step? Kind of like you know when you buy a lottery ticket, you think about what am I gonna do with all this money if you thought about if you guys win this thing, you know what you got your eye on as far as uh on the interstate music site I spotted a couple guitars that I think would be really cool. "The kind of love that you would travel all over the country to find. Plus, the song has been such a pop culture staple over the last half century that you probably know at least enough words to belt along. Released in September 1994, the song is from the band's second studio album, Purple.Considered one of the band's biggest hits, "Interstate Love Song" reached number one on the US Billboard Album Rock Tracks chart (current Mainstream Rock) on September 17, 1994, replacing the band's previous single "Vasoline". One bag at a time. This list is of songs that have been interpolated by other songs; songs that are parodied, a cover version or use a sample of another song are not "interpolations". Features Head Out On The Highway: The 25 Best Road Trip Songs. Funk songs formed the foundation for Big Gigantic, so Billboard Dance asked the Colorado duo to list their favorite 30 funk tracks of all time. Granted, with less actual swimming pools and more soul-crushing retail hours in my hometown. Nelson was tasked with creating an original song for the aging rocker character he played in the film Honeysuckle Rose. #PistolAnniesAreBack Listen to 3 songs and preorder at link in bio now. STEVE'S FIRST BRUISE. Happy songs by alternative bands. i wanna fall in love looking at the stars in your passengers seat!!!!! LOUIS — A portion of Interstate 70 in St. Louis is back open after a water main break left parts of it flooded Saturday night. Woah, I'm a mess right now and I'm just freaking out. Welcome to BIG BASS TABS, the fast growing website with free and accurate bass tablature of all your favorite artists of every genre and era and new bass tabs every day!. These are songs to play when your boyfriend breaks up with you … Like getting out of a bad relationship or taking off your shoes after a 10-hour shift, the sense of freedom is profound and intoxicating. Your email address will not be published. Houston, TX has one of the most vibrant car cultures in the country, and this 2004 ode to that was such a force it went platinum, earned all three artists major label deals, and almost single-handedly put the city’s local rap scene in the national spotlight. I'm losing you. CAROLINE. From backseat singalongs to nomadic anthems, the best road trip songs capture the feeling of freedom that’s sometimes just a car ride away. There's nothing quite like a road trip. There's nothing more cathartic for the open road than"Edge of Seventeen," which explores mortality and death. It's got me reeling. Request bass tabs or submit bass tabs!We'll find them or write them ourselves — … Cash's version, which came out in 1996, sees the man in black rambling between"dusty Winnemucca road," Crater Lake, and even as far as Barranquilla, Colombia. Looking for adventure in whatever comes our way.". This folksy, nostalgic hit will warm you heart as the miles lessen and you get closer and closer to...home. "'Location' is a story of young love," Khalid told Pigeons and Planes in a 2016 interview. It's a universally loved power ballad celebrated for its encouraging message of independence after heartbreak. Round out your playlist with this love song that's been covered by the ballad queen herself, Celine Dion. Briston Maroney - Freakin` Out on the Interstate Lyrics. [Pre-Chorus] Pomp, bombast, killer riffs and melodies is one way to set you free, even when stuck in traffic. The requirement for any good road trip is, as everyone knows, a killer soundtrack. It could be New Jersey, it could be California, it could be Alaska.". Soaring guitar licks and wild drum fills will have you head banging along, but just make sure your eyes stay on the road. I found myself, not for the first time, severely … C m7 Starts freaking out the D m7 neighborhood G m7 G m7 . I'm standing up, I'm sitting down. Interstate Gospel. I'm freakin' out on the interstate A Rolling down the windows, baby, I can't hear a thing you say E F#m I'm walking back to my favorite place A And I can feel them staring at me A Baby, do you think I'm doing something wrong? Merch. Stevie Wonder’s tribute to Bob Marley saw Stevie moving away from his typical one-man show and inviting a whole crew to boogie down. When Elton John got to know that it was used in the film he exclaimed, "I used to play 'Tiny Dancer' in England and it would go down like a lead zeppelin!Cameron resurrected that song." If the Red Rocker can’t you get to go past the speed limit (which we’re not officially condoning), nothing else will. But this spirited 1974 rock song is an ideal song to play when you've been sitting in the car for hours and need something to divert your attention away from your achy limbs. These are songs to play when your boyfriend breaks up with you … Some of the other singers on the album include Ariana Grande, Elizabeth Gillies, Miranda Cosgrove, Leon Thomas III, Matt Bennett, Daniella Monet and Avan Jogia. This slice of heartland rock isn’t all that it seems. … Whether you're hitting the highway to escape your current life, or you need some time to reflect on a relationship, Tracy Chapman's 1988 song reinforces the idea that change and evolution can occur on the open road. It isn't a fast-paced song, making it ideal to rocking out to while on cruise control. Cue up DJ Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith's quintessential hip-hop summer jam. Get the road trip party going with this reggaeton track that will have the base pumping—if you're into that sort of thing. For all the trials and hardships of the exam period, there are few feelings better than walking out of your final exam, knowing you’re done for the year. ", If sunny California is your destination, then L.L. Joe Diffie, you done done it again. But in 1989, she made it clear her love was willing to go the distance (literally) in"I Drove All Night." Everyday is a faded sign. Couldn't find what you're looking for? ", Rihanna's 2007 fist-pumping anthem will give you all the confidence you need while speeding down the road. Driving is celebrated across all kinds of musical styles, while the freedom that comes from hitting the highway and the relationships forged in that close proximity have inspired many a great songwriter. Another slice of G-funk heaven. Sort: Relevant Newest # omg # panic # chaos # freaking out # hysteria # mrw # super # freaking out # starts # troopers # chaos # freak out # freaking out # melissa joan hart # brain crush This 1996 OutKast classic is perfect for old school and new school hip hop heads alike. is the debut studio album by American rock band the Mothers of Invention, released on June 27, 1966, by Verve Records. Between the Parliament-sampling chorus and Dre’s evocative verses, ‘Let Me Ride’ was tailor-made for summer driving… and is even better if you’re cruising around in a drop top. And that’s a real genuine lover, but it doesn’t come easy. But its message can resonate with any driver who has a fear of commitment or feels guilty about toying with a love interest's heart—unless said love interest is in the passenger's seat. Jack Nicholson surprises Jennifer Lawrence. While Bob Seger sings about “looking down at the lights of LA” in this 1978 hit, the anticipation of a night on the town is universal. The Camaro is one of the most lionized cars in American rock, and this hard-edged, blues-inflected anthem by Kings of Leon is a fitting addition to the car’s music canon. I lost my spell. He says it started out as a bossa nova. And when"Don't Tell Me" shuffles on your playlist, you'll be tempted to pull over and belt out every note to this catchy tune. Ready to sit back and unwind? Freak out songs have one purpose and one purpose only… to make you freak out.) Whether you're hitting the highway for a few hours or a few days, your getaway won't be complete without good music to keep you alert...and smiling. "Tiny Dancer" was popularized in the film "Almost Famous" (2000, director Cameron Crowe) which tells a story about a rock band from the 1970s. Originally an Australian country song,"I've Been Everywhere" has been adapted to fit a myriad of different locales. Stream Freakin' Out On the Interstate by Briston Maroney from desktop or your mobile device E F#m A [Verse 1] E F#m I'm freakin' out on the interstate A Rolling down the windows, baby, I can't hear a thing you say E F#m I'm walking back to my favorite place A And I can feel them staring at me A Baby, do you think I'm doing something wrong? Freaking Out The Neighborhood by Mac Demarco text guitar tab. One of the 2010s’ most gleeful breakup anthems also doubles as a pretty perfect road trip anthem. ... Ranboo looked out the window, putting it down to let the cold breeze enter. There are at least one million country songs about driving down a red dirt road, sitting in the back of the truck, or getting behind the wheel for the first time. (Duh.) ‘Free Fallin’ is a great singalong, but when it comes to essential Tom Petty road trip songs, ‘Runnin’ Down A Dream’ takes the cake. One accurate version. We can't even explain it, but Electric Light's optimistic"Mr. Blue Sky" justsoundslike a sunny road trip. NEW MUSIC AND MERCH ADDED TO THE STORE. Search, discover and share your favorite Freaking Out GIFs. report. Though it’s technically a breakup song,“Go Your Own Way” sounds downright joyful, and the assertion of independence on the chorus feels perfect for a long stretch of open road. Close. Between Warren G’s storytelling and Nate Dogg’s smooth vocals, this is the song you can blast whether you’re cruising in your drop top or mid-sized sedan. Oh, I'm freaking out. hide. Tom Cochrane's empowering 1991 song is just the auditory reminder you need to remember that life is like a road you travel on. Passersby helped the couple out of the car, which was hanging upside down, the Sun-Sentinel reported. Proud of yourself and the car you're riding around in? Can't see you turning up. With its blast of feedback and machine-gun intensity, ‘Breed’ will get everybody headbanging in the backseat. Freaking Out The Neighbourhood Drum Tab by Mac Demarco with free online tab player. . Tom Cochrane's empowering 1991 song is just the auditory reminder you need to remember that life is like a road you travel on. There is something undeniable about singing along to U2 with a group of your closest friends in the car. And like, you're freaking out.

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