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Morgan then declared "it's on". Criminal Minds instead gave Maeve the chance to help Reid sort through his life and death dilemma. When Rossi learns he is surprised and impressed. (", After being on crutches since the second episode of Season Five, Reid was only using one crutch in ", He appeared without cane or crutches in the. In the Season Four episode "Minimal Loss", Prentiss and Reid went undercover as "child interview specialists" to determine if Benjamin Cyrus (the polygamist cult leader) was sexually abusing young girls. These are recommendations made by Tropers for Criminal Minds, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page.Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here. Throughout the entire case, he is consoled by Rossi and opens up to him about the fact that he never saw her personally prior to her death and that he never even touched her once. In "Epilogue", Spencer reveals that he had an experience with seeing the afterlife when he died and revived by Tobias Hankel, one where he felt warmth and the light. In "A Good Husband", following the conclusion of a case, he informs Prentiss that he has some unfinished business to do in Houston. Spencer later deduces that the unsub, Samantha Malcolm, had been the subject of sexual abuse and electroshock therapy, trapping her mind in a broken childlike state at the hands of her father, Dr. Arthur Malcolm. This matched the M.O. Last Appearance In "A Beautiful Disaster", it is revealed that Morgan partially named his newborn son after Reid. He never spoke of it until he told Morgan in ", It was implied that he may have asked for extra-credit work and offered to clean classrooms for teachers (being on extra good behavior) to compensate for his father's absence and mother's mental instability. Reid stifled a smile. When she asked for his number, he told her she already had it behind her barrette, which she pulled out of her hair. He also explains to Luke Alvez that he can't arrest Mr. Scratch, or Peter Lewis because Reid seriously wanted to kill Lewis for what he had done to Agent Prentiss. However, she later tells Prentiss that she believes he manufactured the memory in a desperate attempt to find an answer to his circumstances. By: ... Have you met Director Shultz by any chance?" Reid smiles as Morgan's phone rings, apparently a call from Garcia. Rossi later joined in the game to help him finish it. He is surprised to learn that her mental condition was beginning to improve, as she wasn't signed into the sanitarium as frequently and was actually allowed to have a supervised vacation to the Grand Canyon simultaneous to the investigation. The Believers had serious intentions to sacrifice Reid as their 300th victim for his supposed "bravery" in his choice to stay in the compound in season four. Because of his injury, he stayed and worked from Quantico with Garcia in "Reckoner". Authors Note: Hi! Forum. Include Ratings . I will rec any pairing if I believe the story is well written. Spencer Reid was born on October 28, 1981 to William Reid and Diana Reid. Agent Reid, do you know why you're here today." -Victor Hugo. In "52 Pickup", Reid impressed a female bartender named Austin while investigating the murders of Robert Parker. When he comes out, he is wiping his mouth as if he had been vomiting. (", Reid's dissertation from Caltech's Department of Engineering was titled, Despite being skilled with playing the piano, he has never played it before, citing to Rossi that "it's essentially all math". The older agent, named "John"[3], loaned Reid his one-year sobriety coin, making Reid promise that he would return once he earned his own. In "The Apprenticeship", Morgan takes Reid out to practice hitting a baseball as his team is in need of another substitute player. Spencer Reid… Incorrect Passcode (Completed) Part 1: Spencer and y/n have been together for years, they are literally the ultimate power couple.In this story, the reader finds out Spencer has been emotionally cheating on her with Maeve (I know, cheesy) ,and she doesn’t fail to bring up the past. TV Shows Criminal Minds. She does say "love you" before hanging up, leaving Reid in awe. Reid has an eidetic memory, meaning that he can remember an exceedingly large amount of information with extraordinary detail. It also appears that the woman is in some sort of danger and she fears that Diane Turner does not know about her relationship with Reid and she fears that "he" will hurt Reid. He eventually becomes stable and regains consciousness, making a full recovery. In "...A Thousand Words", Reid is tasked to originally work on the tattoos of the unsub and decipher its meaning but ends up working the journals as he can read much much faster than the rest of the team. Baylor then pulled out a gun, but Garcia shot him with Reid's own gun, wounding him. He is still very particular about staying clean, as seen in "Amplification" when he strictly refused to take any narcotic painkillers after Chad Brown infected him with Anthrax. (". At one o'clock, Reid stood and announced that he was finished with his paper work. She was safely taken in by police and has since recovered, but was embarrassed by the situation. As he was introduced to the new team, he's introduced to one Spencer Reid and boy was the young man very talkative. This, coupled with the fact that they both use pseudonyms to disguise their letters, Spencer addressing himself as Dr. Joseph Bell and that the caller addressed himself as Adam Worth, whom was the American criminal that Arthur Conan Doyle based the character of Moriarty on, prompted Reid to seek the help of Hotchner, and through him the BAU. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the NCIS and Criminal Minds universe. More. He visits his mother, who inadvertently helps him solve the case. A boy that knows Reid mentions that he used to come more often. After Elle Greenaway admits that Reid saved her life, she asks about how he gained such insight, implying that Reid may have some personal experience with mental illness. In his youth, his father left him and his mother as he could no longer deal with her paranoid schizophrenia, among other things. He has also used revolvers taken from two unsubs: He took, He considered studying the classics (literature) but had previously read all of the course material so he opted to go to Caltech and study Mathematics instead (according to an article on, Reid has an IQ of 187, an eidetic memory, and can read 20,000 words per minute. In "Unforgettable", Fiona informs Reid that his trial was postponed, causing him to worry about his chances of survival in prison. Bisexual Spencer Reid; The BAU Team as Family (Criminal Minds) Spencer Reid Needs a Hug; Anxious Spencer Reid; Original Character(s) Spencer is the little brother of the team; Spencer is scared to come out to Rossi; Season/Series 03; criminal minds season 3; Not Beta Read; Summary Later, Shaw and the other inmates Reid accidentally poisoned are released from the infirmary. He then follows it up with that he's a man of science and that he didn't know how to deal with it, which is why he never revealed it to his teammates. In "God Complex", Reid makes a series of phone calls via payphone to Maeve Donovan. By the end of the episode, Reid receives a number of postcards and a golden collectible miniature of the Grand Canyon from Diana. After this, he says, "What if I started taking dilaudid again, would you have let me? In "Demons", the follow-up to "Angels", it was revealed that the bullet barely missed his carotid artery and he underwent surgery. Follow/Fav The Director's Daughter. One of his first cases was that of Brian Matloff ("Tabula Rasa"). Prior to this episode, Reid exhibited multiple signs of being in pain, such as gripping and rubbing his leg, rocking in his chair, cringing in pain while in the background, putting a hand over his stomach as if he felt ill, and sensitivity to light. "This unit does impress me, getting inside the minds of serial killers is not something that everyone can live with." "Agent Reid, you know why you're here, I'm sure, so let's begin." In "Amplification", Reid and Morgan go to Dr. Nichols' lab, believing that he is the unsub. "No," Reid said. The team rescues Reid moments before they murder him at the end of the episode, and he is rather quiet on the plane ride home. Criminal Minds Daughter Derek Morgan Spencer Reid Bau Spencer and Derek have been a relationship since Spencer joined the team. The rest of the team seems oblivious to these signs. Reid locks Morgan outside of the lab as to not infect him. In "Entropy", Reid returned to assist the team in taking down the Hitman Network tracking down Garcia. This is the Criminal Minds Fanfiction Archive. Female Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds) Spencer Reid is a Rossi; I'm not sorry about my reference to another of my works. (", He hates hospitals due to their bright lighting. Reid behaves rather strangely when he needs to speak to the woman during the cause of John Nelson, causing Blake to come back and confront him after she dropped him off at a payphone. However, in "Spencer", he was arrested in Mexico on suspicion of drug possession with the intent to distribute, and the murder of Rosa, who was actually named Nadie Ramos, and who was found in a hotel room Reid was also at. ... 28 We found love in a hopeless place » by Yami Naty This is an alternative universe Fanfic set on a time gag between season 12 finale and season 13. Summary. Later in the same episode, Spencer lets some aloud some outbursts towards Morgan and a Texas PD officer handling the case in somewhat of a defense towards Owen Savage. In "To A Better Place", Reid is officially reinstated as an agent under the condition that for every 100 days he spends on the job, he takes thirty days off. It's revealed in a later scene that he identified with Owen, and was also bullied in high school by being lured towards the football field and forced to strip naked and tied to the football pole. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. In the end of the episode, he goes to see a doctor, who finds nothing physically wrong with him, suggesting it may be a psychosomatic disorder. It is revealed in "Last Gasp," she was the lead investigator in the death of Tracey Ferguson, but ruled the death an accide… He appeared to be critically wounded. BAU Special Agent Towards the end of the episode, Prentiss is seen beating him in poker. In one incident, he was ambushed by the entire football team; they stripped him naked, tied him to a goalpost, and tormented him in front of half the school until they grew bored and left. It is later suggested that perhaps the woman is possibly a geneticist. 42. I'm currently in treatment at the moment. He has since become clean; in "Elephant's Memory", he attended a support group called The Beltway Clean Cops meeting for addicts in law enforcement. As a result, Reid befriends Shaw, who is also proficient in reading and chess, and who gives him tips to survive in prison. Abandonment Chapter 1, a criminal minds fanfic. I'm currently in treatment at the moment. White Rabbit - A Criminal Minds Fi... by Cherrywrotestories 571K 15.8K 38 Finishing a lecture at a local college, Dr Spencer Reid is suprised to be approached by a nervous young woman who hands him a file and then disappears. Smart, sarcastic, stubborn, and unwilling to share anything with her colleagues, will they be able to discover her secret before it's too late? Title: Abstract Brilliance Rating: G Summary: Reid has a broken wrist. Reid grew up learning nearly everything he knows from books, with his mother (a college professor of 15th-century literature) often reading to him. When Gideon does not show up at work and fails to answer phone calls ("In Name and Blood"), Reid drives out to Gideon's cabin in his own car. 1 Background 2 Season Thirteen 2.1 Cure 2.2 Miasma 2.3 Annihilator 2.4 Last Gasp 3 Appearances Much about Barnes was revealed from Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. The episode ends with Reid entering the interrogation room to confront her and Cat calling him "Spencie". Meanwhile, Reid realizes Shaw has an extraordinary amount of influence within the prison general population, as Shaw had arranged for him to have another acquaintance in the form of Malcolm. 2.6K 105 103 TV Shows » Criminal Minds. I'm currently in treatment at the moment. "Tactile Obsession" by Nyx PAIRING: Morgan/Reid RATING: AO SUMMARY: Reid becomes obsessed with the need to touch Morgan's tattoos and muscles. I hope you like my new Criminal Minds fanfic. The team could do nothing but stare at Hotch in disbelief. Summary: Reid is kidnapped… again. Later on, Diana unexpectedly visits him, and they spend the remainder of the episode discussing it. (", His favorite kind of donut has chocolate frosting and sprinkles. At substance abuse meetings, fellow addicts simply refer to each other by their first names; a way to ensure anonymity and equality. He appears to be well in the following episodes, though in "Coda", he is seen carrying a book about migraines. Linda Barnes is the FBI's Assistant Director of National Security who appears in Season Thirteen on Criminal Minds and in its spin-off Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. • In "Alchemy", Reid, still haunted by Maeve's death, tries to remedy this failure by personally tracking down any potential cases and finds the one of Raoul Whalen and Tess Mynock. Shaw, knowing it was Reid who caused the poisonings, targets him by revealing his status as a federal agent to the other inmates. Reid was then escorted home by Blake, who opened up to him about her deceased son Ethan before leaving. In his youth, his father William left him and his mother Diana as he could no longer deal with her paranoid schizophrenia, among other things. Despite his odd demeanor, and his family's history of mental illness, he has never been diagnosed with an official condition. Though he had at least 3 seizures, they stemmed from the trauma he sustained with the explosion and being tortured. Summary Just In. His shirt is partially un-tucked, his hair was unkempt, he reads very slowly, and he is much quieter and more subdued than he had been in past seasons. Feel free to submit! The bartender would later call him and ask him out, though nothing appears to have come of it. Please enable Cookies and reload the page. He graduated from high school at the age of twelve. Alvez later helps him decipher some of his symptoms, leading to Reid realizing he has PTSD, or PTSS as Alvez explains corrects him, from the time Reid spent in prison in season twelve. Carpe Diem from the story Honesty - Criminal Minds || Spencer Reid Fanfiction by bekah-x (Bekah) with 11,364 reads. In the next episode, Reid only said that the date was "top secret" and it was never mentioned again, until "300", when JJ says that not knowing it was supposed to be a date, she brought Garcia along as a way of getting to know the younger team members. "That makes no sense. In the next episode, "Haunted", he carried crutches. Include ? (". (", He dislikes creamed spinach but likes Indian food (in one of the episodes, he tried to invite his team members to try a new Indian restaurant he found; he also invites them to an Indian restaurant in ", He has trouble using chopsticks and says using them is like trying to forage for food with a pair of number two pencils. He and his mystery woman have been in contact for six months and only on Sundays up until this point. In "Truth or Dare", the team learns Reid passed his gun qualification with flying colors, earning a perfect 100. Follow/Fav The Real Dr ... the team was to remain in Las Vegas under orders from the Director. Criminal Minds Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. However, Reid is forced to deal with the combination of his mother's schizophrenic episodes and lapses in memory. In "Derailed", Reid reveals that he is capable of impressive sleight-of-hand magic tricks, which he uses to trick Ted Bryar. … After she makes a nasty comment about Reid's mother, he pushes her against a wall and starts to violently strangle her in an attempt to kill her, but JJ stops him, reminding him that she's pregnant. This conversation is on the record. Later, in "In the Dark", Frazier and Duerson attempt to recruit Reid and Delgado into helping them smuggle drugs into the prison. He was nearly transferred to a maximum-security Mexican prison for Nadie's murder, but it was stopped when it was revealed that Nadie has dual American-Mexican citizenship, and he was extradited back to the U.S. In the episode "Elephant's Memory", Spencer received a medallion from another superior agent only named John as his previous addiction to Dilaudid was giving him cravings since his previous witness to the murder of Ryan Phillips by the hands of Jack Vaughn, encouraging Spencer to strengthen his resolve and return the medallion once he had reached the one year mark. Reid is excited by the news, as earlier tests had found ways to not only slow the disease but actually reverse it. After several unsuccessful attempts, he hires a caretaker named Cassie Campbell to assist him. However, Frazier and Duerson brutally beat him in retaliation. He began playing the chess game that Gideon had been playing prior to his murder in the hopes of keeping it going and thus keep part of him alive. For the second time since the start of the series, he celebrates his birthday during an episode, this time his 30th during "True Genius", with the team. Reid graduated from high school at the age of twelve. He relates to Prentiss that he feels that he hasn't lived up to expectations. Later he is seen reflecting on his actions as Morgan confronts him, prompting Reid to correlate Adam's relationship with dissociative personality with that of his previous kidnapper Tobias Hankel. Reid's Little Secret by Shadow Sakura. (", He once wanted to be a tightrope-walker when he was very young, after seeing a circus performance with his mother. Reid doubts his abilities, prompting Morgan to tell him that sometimes they can't save everyone. NCIS and Criminal Minds crossover fanfiction archive with over 202 stories. Matthew Gray GublerRemy Thorne (child; Revelations)Andrew Astor (child; The Instincts and Memoriam)Finn Carr (child; Entropy) Reid's mother is rescued towards the end of the episode, and she and Spencer reunite. On the plane, Morgan's music is interrupted by a recording from Reid, which warned him against entering a prank war with MIT graduates, followed by Reid screaming. This is the Criminal Minds Fanfiction Archive. Towards the end of the episode, she tells Spencer that she's ready to meet in person and that she thinks it's safe enough. No Archive Warnings Apply (11896) He then shows remarkable insight into the mind of the delusional man, successfully distracting him to protect the hostages. Crossposted to Chance's Archive, Chance's Archive on Tumblr and Chance's Archive blog. Mostly Spencer Reid, but maybe a few familiar faces at some point. Cloudflare Ray ID: 63c9cdda2a2a309e In "Saturday", Reid met Maxine Brenner at a park after he's given a task by his therapist to have a normal conversation with someone outside of work and they took a liking to each other. These gifts please him, as that meant his mother still thought about him. Status Matt Simmons (coming soon!) Feedback: Will earn you some of Garcia's chocolate fudge cookies. Reid claimed to have improved his social status in school by "coaching" the basketball team. Reid explains that he was just pretending, pats Elle on the knee, and walks away; leaving Elle and the audience wondering if he is hiding something. Down Pour Chapter 1: 8:00 am, a criminal minds fanfic. Rank In "The Instincts", Claire Bates abducts a boy named Michael Bridges, and it leads Reid to some questions about his own past. Reid declined to answer and quickly changed the subject back to Gina King (the episode's unsub). Fanfiction. However, the federal government refused to provide legal assistance for Reid, because he entered Mexico without informing the Bureau, which broke protocol. This implies that he is lactose-intolerant but, in retrospect, could have been a cover for his headaches that were revealed later. Spencer Reid Has Self-Esteem Issues; Implied/Referenced Rape/Non-con; Implied/Referenced Child Abuse; Criminal Minds (US TV) Season/Series 01; Criminal Minds (US TV) Season/Series 02; Criminal Minds (US TV) Season/Series 03; Criminal Minds (US TV) Season/Series 04; HAPPY ENDING!! With two strikes, Reid hits and makes a double play with Morgan, winning the game for the FBI. Despite claims that he was able to drive at age 14, he rode a bicycle around while in college because the government would not issue him a driver's license. Still, Reid knew that the way his mother was living wasn't healthy. He also stated that he does some of his best work when under 'intense terror'. Reid also had a hard time feeling empathy, among other emotions, until after the events of season two, stating that he could understand what the victims felt before they died to Morgan in "Fear and Loathing". It's set around season 2, hope you like it! Read 7. Male He later joked that he was "aiming for his leg". Towards the end, JJ confesses to Reid, admitting that she loves him and always has when a serial killer who is holding the two as hostages forces her to tell her darkest secrets. He tends to miss social cues at times (for example, unknowingly changing the subject of a conversation). Reid says that he used to play with an old friend who quit, Gideon, though he doesn't mention his name, just that he knows why he did quit. Prentiss later exclaims to Reid that there was a reason that he left the note only to Reid to find and not the team. The girl gave as good as she got. … Under her instructions, her former cellmate kidnapped Maxine's father and sister. Much about Barnes was revealed from Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. This disappoints Reid, and he tries to find another study that his mother could participate in. Reid falls asleep on the jet and dreams about Maeve, whom he shares a dance with. I will rec any pairing if I believe the story is well written. He told her he felt betrayed because he "came to her house for ten weeks, crying" and she didn't say anything. This is the Criminal Minds Fanfiction Archive. He is the only main character to appear in the opening sequence of every episode. In "The Lesson", Reid takes time to call the mysterious woman he admires several times throughout the case to get some insight. A cult member asked Reid how he felt about dying, and he said he felt peace. An elite group of profilers analyse the nation's most dangerous criminal minds in an effort to anticipate their next moves before they strike again. In "Assistance Is Futile", Reid befriends Luis, going as far as reporting his assault by inmates Frazier and Duerson to Officer Peters. Reid later gets released from prison after the BAU manages to prove his innocence. Dr Spencer Reid Spencer Reid Criminal Minds The Director gave Derek a nod and moved on. Proof that the remaining 10% is worth dying for. I will rec any pairing if I believe the story is well written. Reid turned 24 in the episode "Plain Sight". None of these characters are mine, obviously, but all the stories are! Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. • TV » Criminal Minds Rated: T, English, Romance & Humor, S. Reid, Words: 950, Favs: 457, Follows: 133, Published: 6/2/2011. "Extreme Aggressor" Like many "brainiac" types, Reid tends to ramble on when the conversation leads to a subject with which he is very familiar. She later reappears in Season Twelve as the mastermind in a vendetta against Spencer Reid. The team finds out Rhea's address and storms his apartment, only to find that Foyet had posted an Internet alert on the name Peter Rhea (to alert him if the name was ever investigated) and has disappeared. He had a near death experience when he went into a seizure where he saw shadowy figures and a bright light (and, as he later pointed out to Morgan, it couldn't be like other cases where these visions are just doctors in the emergency room). "Colleen, I had no idea that you had thoughts of becoming a deputy when we last talked." On the jet, he is later shown to be feeling sick and went into the bathroom. JJ mentions in "Neon Terror" that Reid was feeling apprehensive about his first lesson just before the team receives word of the case of Jeffrey Whitfield. Archive: Absolutely, just lemme know. Maeve's death left a lasting impact on Reid for the rest of the season. He said he'd been experiencing cravings recently and spoke of Ryan Phillips (who got shot in front of him in "3rd Life") before being interrupted by multiple calls summoning him to work. They have a sixteen year old daughter that they kept a secret until the group found out. Specialty Chance's Archive Amazon/Paypal page. His father is an attorney who works longer hours than the BAU team and has "a very sick cat". "It does leave its mark on you, but there has to be someone to do it." Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. On par with bring an eccentric genius with trouble at conforming to social behavior, the show has hinted at symptoms displayed with schizophrenia, minor autism, and Asperger's Syndrome, as evident by his bursts of long-winded commentary, his impressive academic history (three PhDs in Mathematics, Chemistry, and Engineering) in a short amount of time, and adverse reactions when touched by strangers. He mentions to Garcia that schizophrenia is passed on genetically, something he is evidently worried about. Job It is revealed that she viewed the MRI scans of his brain and has suggested a course of treatment for his headaches. Gender Indeed, the unsub is shot and killed by Hotch when he tries to kill another victim. In "L.D.S.K. The Next Victim Chapter 1: Teaser, a criminal minds fanfic. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. Barnes started the recording with "The date is February 3rd, 2018. Reid said goodbye and then found that she had left him her badge and ID. Reid was forced to kill for a second time using the revolver that his captor used to torment him. Reid is noted for his socially awkwardness and prodigal brilliantness, which draws on his analytical way of thinking and establishes him as the encyclopedic brainiac of the group. When Morgan's sister sees a woman who resembles their presumed-dead cousin, it forces him to confront a lie he told his aunt last year to provide closure and compels the BAU to reopen the caseof her disappearance. However, William is eventually cleared of any suspicion. She is a mother of a young boy named Kenny and she is the FBI's Assistant Director of National Security. The prosecutor, A.U.S.A. Reid and the mysterious woman both show signs of nervousness and anxiousness, mirroring each other simultaneously at their respective homes. Alias In "Rock Creek Park", he asks Agent Dorian Loker for coffee after spending the following day doing surveillance together. In "Dust and Bones", he mentions he is scheduled to give his first lecture after the team concludes the case of Desi Gutierrez. In "Nameless, Faceless", Reid is shot in the leg by Patrick Meyers while protecting Tom Barton whom the killer had targeted. ~Serenity. During an undercover operation to capture its last two members: Cat Adams and Sharon Mayford, he indirectly reveals to the team that his mother was recently suffering from dementia, which he later confirmed directly afterward. In "Collision Course", Prentiss hired a lawyer, Fiona Duncan, for him. This, however, only definitely applies to information gathered visually (especially things he's read, as implied with the word eidetic). In "Keeper", Reid reveals to Rossi that his mother was accepted as a participant in a groundbreaking study on Alzheimer's, titled Metabolic Enhancement for Neurodegeneration, at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. Abstract Brilliance, a criminal minds fanfic. Morgan then assigns Reid to be the godfather of his son. Feel free to submit! A one-liner about Reid being left in a basket on the steps of the FBI leads to me reading another work based on it. As a result, in "Hell's Kitchen", he agrees to help them. That there was no quantifiable evidence that God exists and yet in that moment he was faced with something that he can't explain. In "The Uncanny Valley", Reid returns to the public park where he used to play chess with the locals. Spencer Reid… Incorrect Passcode (Completed) Part 1: Spencer and y/n have been together for years, they are literally the ultimate power couple.In this story, the reader finds out Spencer has been emotionally cheating on her with Maeve (I know, cheesy) ,and she doesn’t fail to bring up the past. However, her words trigger another memory in Reid: she was the woman inside the motel room who drugged him and made him believe he killed Nadie Ramos. He is an expert on historical serial killers, statistics, geographic profiling, graphology, and body language. At the end of the episode, Reid meets JJ's newborn son, Henry, and JJ asks him to be Henry's godfather. It is unknown if Reid has epilepsy, as the subject was never brought up by any doctor or team member.

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